Grunge Portrait

Adobe Photoshop » Photo Effects » August 25, 2008
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Ever wanted to learn how to use grunge and splatter brushes effectively, we here we learn how to turn our face into a grungy portrait use various types of brushes and some more advanced techniques. Read on to learn how to achieve this effect in only a few simple steps and gain a better understanding of brushes in Photoshop with this tutorial. Grunge and splatter brushes are very common and are often seen in professional print design and even web design. However they are not always used effectively so I thought I’d try and teach some techniques while mimicking an effect used by designer, Jens Sjobergh . Before we start there are three types of brushes which you need; grunge, splatter and hair. Download two or three of each of these, it doesn’t matter which ones as they are all similar.

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Grunge Portrait

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